Daily Schedule Pocket Chart

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Daily Schedule Pocket Chart

Item # S010

Display your daily classroom schedule while teaching time management. This pocket chart features 14 rows with 3 pockets each row.


• Pocket chart
• 13 activity cards
• 15 clock face cards
• 20 time cards (including 4 blanks)
• Activity guide

Vinyl pocket chart measures 13”L x 42.5”H

Learning Style: Visual

Skill Development:

Self-Help- Encourages independence as students refer to the activity and times scheduled in the pocket displays. This can prepare students for class changes and lessen transition anxieties throughout the day.

Time Management- The digital time and analog clocks reinforce the time allotment for each activity and keeps students on the schedule. Students can learn time management skills by doing each activity in the scheduled amount of time before moving on to the next activity.


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