Miniature Construction

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Build your own city with Sona Miniature Construction Classroom Kit

Make your own city Kit:Make your own city Kit:

  • House x 2
  • Bungalow x 1
  • Fire Station x 1
  • Supermarket x 1
  • Petrol Pump x 1
  • Pizza Restaurant x 1
  • School Craft Paper Pack x 3 Each brick measures 2 x 1 x 1 cm

A completely new kind of activity for primary school students, where they can build their own house and buildings and in team, a small city with actual bricks and cement. It comforts several benefits to the children like creativity, planning, teamwork, developing fine motor skills, etc..

Children get to build houses using real building materials, bricks, cement, and wooden windows and doors. Miniature Construction Kit is suitable for all ages and the building blocks can be used again and again as the cement dissolves in water even after a building has been constructed.


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